Instrumental, raw guitar driven rock that takes you away into a world of cultures and emotions, limited only by your imagination." Like a roller coaster through an art gallery!"


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If you'd like to hear the songs while you are looking around the site, please use the player at the bottom of the page(s).
The music I've written on my first album Race Free Ideology is intended for use in films primarily but those of you with adventurous tastes may enjoy them as much as most people who listen to mainstream rock.  
     You can download the entire album or just the songs you like right here. Of course you can still just listen to them here but the sound quality is much better on the downloads. Hope you enjoy and share with your friends and family.Currently in the middle of  my next project which is scaled down in the effects and sampling department. New songs coming soon.  Please stay tuned and in touch!


Race Free Ideology

Frankie T G Man: Race Free Ideology

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